Do you enjoy swimming, cycling, AND running? Join the FAST Falcons Triathlon Team! This training group is for triathletes of all experience levels, 18+ years of age, participating in coach-led swimming, cycling, and strength workouts. The adult-focused social training group contains swim workouts with a rotation of cycling, running, and strength sessions. Swimmers should feel comfortable joining this group to prepare for a triathlon swim and learn to be a more proficient swimmer with exposure to interval training, evolving stroke techniques, and involving different training equipment.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30-7:00AM 5:45-6:45PM 5:30-7:00AM 5:45-6:45PM 5:30-7:00AM


While races are not mandatory, there will be planned team races at area triathlons throughout the year. Participation is greatly appreciated, valued, and essential for athlete development!

For more information about joining the FAST Falcons Triathlon Team, please click the button below.


Coach Michael is a former collegiate track & field and cross-country athlete who was later introduced to the world of swimming via the sport of triathlon. He has completed the Ironman and International Triathlon Union events worldwide, earning Ironman All-World-Athlete status while qualifying for the Ironman World and Pan-American Championships. He continues to contribute to the sport of triathlon as a member of the Ironman Coaching Association. His athlete-centered approach to coaching is based on the belief that “first things first and first things right” produce a competitive athlete and productive member of society.