The FAST Falcons are the official club swim team of FAST. Our mission is to promote overall swimming development while leading towards competitive excellence. We will ensure a safe, healthy, and positive environment for all of our athletes, while helping them to reach their fullest potential.


Our philosophy on building a great team and facilitating ongoing personal growth as a person and an athlete revolve around the following principles:


Creating an environment where everyone is valued and can find purpose.


Playing the long game for continued growth, motivation, and improvement by focusing on technique development, a training environment that prevents injury and has variety and measured progression, and a communication component that allows for a collaborative process with coaches, staff, athletes, and parents to foster a process to allow for the development of a well-rounded person, a happy and continually improving athlete, and a shared goal process that encourages team goals, personal goals, resiliency, and a positive environment.


The FAST Falcons will practice gratitude and accept the challenges and the rewards that come along the way.


Our progressive, multi-level team structure helps challenge each swimmer’s development, both physically and mentally. With premier facilities that provide an inclusive space for all swimmers of every ability and commitment level. Our exceptional coaching staff is committed to building our athlete’s personal growth and engagement with our high quality coaching standards. We provide our athletes with a safe, healthy, and positive team culture and environment. The FAST Falcons trains exceptional athletes and future leaders by focusing on dedication, perseverance, integrity, and accountability throughout their personal development.


FAST will have ample water space for developing cutting-edge swimming programs for all levels of ability. With the elite dryland training center, we look forward to implementing processes for injury prevention, dynamic movement, and building stronger swimmers. Athletes who join the FAST Falcons should expect a focus on a caring team environment, continual evolvement of technique and teaching, various training aspects, and steady improvement in all aspects of the sport.

Synergy Dryland is the world-class dryland swim programming focused on in and out of water techniques and the official dryland training program of the FAST Falcons. Founded by former U.S. Olympic swimmer Katie Hoff and formed NFL fullback Todd Anderson, the goal of Synergy Dryland is to provide the most effective, innovative, and efficient dryland programming for both teams and individual athletes. This program takes a 360 degree look at athletes and supports all 6 of the core pillars. The 6 core pillars of Synergy are in water training, nutrition, dryland, sleep, load management, and recovery. Programming is based on the demands of the pool, team and individual athlete needs, training cycles, applicable resources, and coaches’ expectations. The movement progressions of Synergy focus on peak performance, skill, functional strength, structural integrity, and foundational movement. Joint by joint, swimmers will steadily improve range of motion, stability, and ultimately dynamic performance.