Get MORE out of your training experience at FAST! Access to FAST FIT is included in all monthly and annual memberships at FAST. FAST FIT is open during facility hours and includes free weights, weightlifting equipment, and various strength-building machines. FAST FIT is open to FAST members only.

Policies & Procedures

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FAST FIT Policies & Procedures

  • FAST FIT usage is available for members and authorized individuals aged 14 & older. Users aged 14-17 must have a parent or guardian present at all times while working out.
  • All users must check in at the front desk before using any FAST facilities.
  • Food, glass bottles, and open containers are prohibited. Water bottles with lids are acceptable.
  • Proper athletic clothing, including shirts and athletic shoes, must be worn at all times. Clothing must not be worn in such a way as to be offensive to other users. Open toed shoes are prohibited.
  • All equipment and machines must be wiped down after use. Sanitizing wipes are available in the weight room.
  • Personal exercise circuits should only be performed in a manner that does not interrupt other facility users.
  • When performing multiple sets on strength training equipment, other members must be allowed to “work in” between sets.
  • Respect others by limiting cell phone usage on the weight room floor. The taking of pictures is prohibited. Please take phone calls and conversations to the lobby or other areas of the facility to avoid interruptions and delays.
  • Equipment is available for use on a first come, first serve basis. “Holding machines” is not permitted.
  • Equipment must be returned to its appropriate storage area after use. Weights must be re-racked following use.
  • Equipment may not be removed from the weight room.
  • To avoid injury, the use of a spotter when training with free weights is strongly recommended.
  • Weights are not to be dropped, slammed, or thrown. Weights must be raised and lowered in a controlled manner.
  • Respect for the equipment and facility must be demonstrated at all times.
  • Refrain from yelling, using profanity, banging weights, and making loud sounds.
  • Keep towels away from machines’ moving parts.
  • Headphones or earbuds must be used with all personal portable music devices. Users are responsible for supplying their own headphones or earbuds.
  • Members may not bring in or utilize personal exercise equipment of any type other than yoga and/or fitness mats.
  • Please lock gym bags and valuables in a locker.
  • Only FAST staff members may offer personal training within the facility. Personal training by individuals who are not FAST staff members is prohibited.
  • Immediately report any injuries or equipment problems to FAST staff at the front desk.

Failure to follow any of these rules and procedures may result in loss of FAST FIT and facility privileges and/or membership revocation.