FAST is proud to introduce the Falcons as the official swim club team of the facility. The Falcons will develop swim programs for athletes of all levels and abilities. The team will offer coaching and guidance for age group development, high school swimming, senior swimming, and elite level training.

With a premier facility, the Falcons will implement a dynamic process of building strong swimmers with our water pace, strength and conditioning weight room, and community meeting spaces.

Athletes who join the Falcons should expect a focus on a caring team environment, continual evolvement of technique and teaching, various training aspects, and steady improvement in all areas of the sport.

The mission of the FAST Falcons is to promote overall swimming development while leading towards competitive excellence. Head Coach Brian Schrader has big plans for this new team.

“It’s very unique to start a team from the ground up. I’m excited about the concept, mission, and facility. I can’t wait to start training swimmers who are ready to build something new and great. Go Falcons!”

– Head Coach Brian Schrader

Along with building strong swimmers, the Falcons will invest in the athletes out of the water. Now more than ever, coaches and athletes around the world are prioritizing the mental health of one another. The Falcons will create a caring and inclusive team environment for athletes to voice their praises or concerns. Integrity, self-discipline, and cooperation are a few of the developmental traits that Falcons swimmers will learn. The Falcons are training the next generation of strong swimmers and community leaders.

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FAST Falcons Video Announcement