USA Swimming Visits FAST Falcons!

On November 18th and 19th, USA Swimming representatives Dana Skelton and Beth Winkowski visited the FAST Falcons. They ran workshops and classroom sessions for the swimmers, parents, and coaches.

While working with the swimmers, USA Swimming gave the following talks:

  • Top Secret Mission 2024
  • Confidence Practice
  • How to Be a Good Teammate
  • The Swimming Equation [ST= (RT + UT + TT) + (CC x SR)]

While working with the parents, USA Swimming helped the FAST Falcon parents decide what type of culture they want to create with our new team. Falcon parents created a list of qualities of a parent that contributes to a positive team culture. USA Swimming staff also discussed the qualities of a healthy team that emphasizes a Long-Term Athlete Development philosophy.

While working with the staff, USA Swimming reviewed the ADM (American Development Model), brainstormed ways to restructure the training groups for the future, and shared different USA Swimming resources to help the coaches mold the future of FAST.

We are thankful to USA Swimming for visiting. We are grateful to the Foundation for providing dinner for the parents and swimmers. 

And most of all… we are grateful for the super turnout (over 100 parents!) from our membership. It’s encouraging to see so many adults willing to help create a positive culture to foster positive growth for our young athletes!